Chicken essence brand rejuvenation with retractable banner

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When a brand market share up to 70%, the use of an aging population there any way to make the results continue to grow? What retractable banner promotional strategy for brand rejuvenation?

Cerebos BRAND, assistant vice president of marketing Xu Yuling, to share the wonderful spirit ? business strategy of every day life brand "you" BRAND.

Xu Yuling the outset points out, boom chilly, the health food market in US is quite warm, still have a year to maintain stable growth. As a leading brand, BRAND does not meet the market situation and hope that the chicken is not only visits to the sick in order to come in handy, but consumers must healthy food, a bottle every morning helps to activation of the brain, to maintain spiritual vitality, health partners in the consumer life.
The new challenges of increasing frequency expansion ethnic

Partners in Health, the only way to become consumers' lives continually tap the demand of consumers, brands have room to grow. In addition to age, gender, BRAND cares more about the relevance of the "consumer".


Xu Yuling mentioned, Essence of Chicken loyal consumer groups, mostly older, if you do not add more young consumers with retractable banner promotion, the brand is very easy to give the impression of human aging.

BRAND change the target consumer groups locked in the 25-39 year-old office worker, they work just for the breadwinner from which to enjoy the work achievements; want every day to have a great energy, but the body observed always felt tired; do not want the holiday weekend just to sleep at home, you can also arrange their own leisure.

In order for consumers to be able to strike a balance between work and life, BRAND insight to consumers (Consumer insight), into increasing the timing and frequency of drinking "and" expand drinking populations marketing tasks. Tell consumers that chicken is not only sick, physically weak to drink more than older people, patient-specific drinks, but every day you can drink healthy food.

Tightly connected with Lee Hom and brand

With a clear retractable banners marketing objectives, BRAND and advertising agencies the David, precise formulation of the focus of the communication "spirit, exciting every day, also find on the Lee Hom as a spokesperson.

Xu Yuling analysis, celebrity public relations value was high, Lee Hom BRAND products has also led to high-profile exposure. Is Wang Lee Hom Essence of Chicken lovers spokesperson itself recognition products, a convincing witness more consumers.

In addition, Lee Hom has been giving "breakthrough self", "worked hard every day", "enjoy life" seriousness. Either rational or emotional appeals, Essence of Chicken Wang Lee Hom perfect concatenation.
360-degree integrated overwhelming spread

Start marketing campaign in November 2008, the the BRAND integrated online marketing (Above the line) and the line marketing (Below the line) from the TV, magazine ads, magazine advertorials, magazine covers, Bus, MRT, broadcast, Elevator, Internet advertising, news placement, retractable banner stands promotion, path making material, and then to Lee Hom album CD inserts, from morning to night, 360 degrees overwhelming, strong advertising and reminders.

For example: television advertisements broadcast on November 7 last year, the first put on YouTube two suspense films, caused by consumers' curiosity, to create the effect of word of mouth. Hypermarket Carrefour, the Associated Press, the path of the door, escalator, the consumers eye clinics at all difficult to find Lee Hom figure. Advertorials placed in the form of news, so that the the Lee Hom testimony of the benefits of the Essence of Chicken. The official website is not only detailed product information, and also provides a range of goodies and Lee Hom download. "Heartbeat" album with Lee Hom, launched in December 2008, the advertising insert in the CD inside. In supermarkets retractable banner stands push to try to drink, to eliminate the concerns of the consumers of chicken tastes.

Three months of intense activity down, BRAND really thriving in the wake of the downturn, the survey showed consumers drink chicken increased by 50% over the past month, penetration substantial growth to 17%.

Xu Yuling at special thanks to assist BRAND successful execution of the partners of the integration of marketing activities: advertising agency David, media agents BLD. Seen a complete marketing strategy is definitely not rely on unilateral efforts will be able to reach only mutual trust and close cooperation between the advertisers and agencies to work together to create the success of the sales growth.
Extending down into the student market

The traditional chicken, Brand was launched in December 2008 Xuejin chicken and spokesperson Lee Hom's charm by the adult market, extending down to the 12-18 year-old student group, the slogan changed to "spirit ? academic more of God. "

BRAND take the stud-pronged communication strategy, in addition to the user student groups also strengthen communication and mother interests point, the quality of the image by Lee Hom, not only enhance the favorability of the mother, but also to Leehom Wang and young people closer to build relationships.

BRAND combination will take charge students organized prayer meeting before school measured Leehom Wang advance campus to help students cheer listed press conference into a kind of frenzy students, really become the focus of media attention greatly increased press exposure. The BRAND and school talks, Lee Hom himself recorded in each section of class "have the spirit of the ? academic God" slogan, to replace the traditional bell. Camp like in school, tutorial and examination room near the same time, let the students know the school into the chicken's taste. Have elderly population, adult population and student groups, consumers, BRAND continued to expand the use of ethnic groups to launch a super chicken deeper roots and operation of the child market, and may slogan, "Health Super, unlimited tell their parents childhood concern child health.

And operation, BRAND shaped groups of five super squad passed by the super powers and role of the charm of the virtual spokesperson, the adventurous spirit of the "endless possibilities" to strengthen children can brand preferences. Xu Yuling said, as long as the children like it, they will naturally prompted parents to buy.

Therefore, BRAND directly through the activities at the same time come into contact with children and their parents the opportunity to enhance the children to ask their parents to buy. Xu Yuling specifically mentioned the high places kind of family involvement in the zoo, through active faction like super squad at the scene, the children usually will directly open drinking parents immediately asked where to buy.

Direct response, so that the performance of the super chicken compared with the year-on-year growth of about 80%, will continue in the future by the path store activities with the children and their parents a powerful and accurate retractable banners communication.